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To start the joining process, complete the form below, providing as much detail as possible. Be sure to provide the necessary information for the red boxes, as these are mandatory fields.

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Contact numbers are used by the club for general enquiries and to notify you about cancelled classes. We would prefer two contact numbers along with the name of the person who owns the number.

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Emergency contacts are ONLY used in an emergency. We will not use an emergency contact number for general enquiries or to notify you about class cancellations. We ask that you provide two contact emergency contact numbers and tell us who the number belongs to.

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Some of the more important club notifications (such as class cancellations) are sent via a text message (SMS). You can choose who is most appropriate to receive text messages from the club (parent/gymnast), but please also tell us who the number belongs to.

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Most of the club announcements and general communications are sent via email, which is why we’ll need a valid email address before joining. We recommend this email address belongs to an adult, as we often email regarding updates to fees. Please be sure to tell us who the email address belongs to.

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